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WMTC Committee

The committee is an essential element in keeping WMTC running. The committee is in charge of the day to day organisation of the company such as outside communication, financial business, marketing and much more. Members of the committee work closely with members of the production teams to ensure all elements of a production come together to ensure the best quality show.

The Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Public Officer, Treasurer and three floor members selected at the Annual General Meeting. Each Committee member is allocated areas of responsibility to support the operation of the Company.

The Committee meets regularly throughout the year in a closed meeting. The Office Bearers and the Committee members report upon the activities in their areas of responsibility in that meeting. Decisions are made by the Committee on the direction of the Company.

Committee Members

Members for 2021


Julie Young

Grounds Manager, Management, Governance

Vice President

Margaret Holdom

Wardrobe Manager, Minutes, Governance


Tracy Pattison

Correspondence, Production Management, Record Keeping


Jane Sackman

Covid Marshal, Finances, Assests

Linda Vermuyten

Ticketing, Theatre Management, Show Rights

Maddie Richards

Marketing, Photography and Design

Interested in joining committee?

A new committee is elected every Annual General Meeting held at the end of the year. Everyone who is interested in any aspect of theatre is encouraged to submit a nomination form.