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Welcome to Wyong Musical Theatre Company's information pages.
Some information is posted here with further material available for Members or other Interested Parties after registering, see link below.
Check back regulary for updates. 

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Click Links for WMTC  Proxy Form Nomination Form or Constitution 2018           
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The rules of nomination for any or all of the Committee positions are as follows:

• Nominations must be submitted in writing on an official Nomination Form or copy.

• Nominations must be submitted to the committee prior to the last committee meeting proceeding the AGM.

• All nominations must have a Nominator and Seconder who are financial members of the company.

• The Nominator, Seconder and Nominee must sign nominations.

• Nominations must be for specific positions.

• Nominees for office bearers shall have been active members of the association for at least one-year prior to the election at which the person is nominated.

• Each of the Committee positions will be voted on separately.

• The Floor Member positions will be voted upon together upon the same ballot paper with the positions being awarded to the candidates who receive the most votes.

• A member can be nominated for more than one position but cannot be elected to more than one position. 


• Only financial members (over 16 years of age) are eligible to vote.

• Voting will be conducted as a secret ballot

• Three non-committee members who are not standing for office will be invited to conduct the counting of the ballot papers

• Any financial member who is not standing for  office may request to scrutinize the counting of  votes with a maximum of three chosen.


The 2020 Annual General Meeting of Wyong Musical Theatre Company Inc
will be held on
Wednesday 18th March 2020 at 6:30PM
in the classroom at
Wyong Grove
1 North Road

Proxy Form,
Nomination Form
WMTC Constitution (2018)
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